expectations and requirements for glee

Requirements for Glee Camp

  • You do not have to audition.  You do not need to have any vocal training.  “Shower singers” are welcome!.  Glee is for all levels.  All singers will have opportunities to develop their skills and shine on stage.  Just bring your singing voice and a willingness to work hard and have fun.
  • Solo opportunities are encouraged for every participant 
  • You do not have to be able bodied.  Adjustments will be made in the choreography to suit all abilities.  Non-dancing options are available for participants who are not comfortable with dancing and would prefer to focus on singing only.
  • For the adult glee camps, depending on your skill level and how fast you learn, please ensure that you have 30 minutes to 3 hours a week of time for ‘homework’ so that you can practice your solos, harmony parts, and dance moves.  Teen summer camps are condensed into one week and require no homework.

Camp Expectations

  • Each rehearsal is part of a cumulative curriculum, preparing for a final showcase.  100% attendance is mandatory for kids glee camps and 75% attendance is mandatory for adult glee camps to ensure full participation in the showcase.
  • Appropriate and respectful conduct is expected at all times.  We will also not be responsible for injury or lost or damaged personal items.